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Service-Net Security System Monitoring

By having a monitored intruder, fire alarm, care or CCTV system you are ensuring that your property is watched over 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Monitoring has a diverse range of application from your home to sophisticated governmental and financial institutions.

24 Hour Alarm Monitoring:
The Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) provides you with the reassurance of monitoring 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. This includes the monitoring of intruder, personal attack, fire alarms and building management systems. When an alarm is activated and confirmed, the ARC operators will immediately notify the emergency services in the event of a fire, break-in or personal attack. Key holders and building managers are also notified to ensure that the premises is secure after an incident and to ensure that action is taken in the event of a potentially damaging power cut.

Dual Alarm Receiving Centre:
We provide a high level of security your alarm signal is directed into two of our ARC's simultaneously each site backing up the other.

The Benefits of Monitoring:
• Peace of mind knowing that your property is being looked after 24 hours a day 7 days a week
• Fully endorsed by UK's leading insurers
• If there is an attempted burglary or attack then ARC will alert the emergency services to attend

Intruder Monitoring:
Police forces will not respond to a ringing bell unless there is evidence of an offence in progress. To ensure their response we are able to monitor your alarm. With this in mind many insurers insist on monitored alarms. The Association of Chief Police Officers has a policy on intruder alarms stated in BS 8243 essentially this requires the confirming of alarms with sequential (2 detectors in sequence to detect the intruder), audio or visual verification. False activations are filtered out, avoiding the risk of losing police support.

Our Alarm Receiving Centres, EMCS Ltd, have reached the quality standards and have the NACOSS Gold Award for monitoring alarms.

EMCS Monitoring

Types of Monitoring Services:

Digital Communicator Monitoring
This is a cost effective method of monitoring which sends the alarm signal down the telephone line to the ARC. Our technology enables the alarm panel to automatically dial the ARC and transmit a signal revealing the status of the panel.

Redcare Monitoring BT Redcare uses non-dialling technology which continuously monitors the telephone line integrity, thereby detecting line cuts and faults within seconds. It therefore represents a major security enhancement which is fully endorsed by leading insurers.

Dual Path Monitoring This is a unique method of monitoring designed to operate with two signalling paths by radio and telephone line. In the event of an activated alarm, the radio signal is transmitted to the ARC. The advantages of dual path signalling are that in the event of accidental or deliberate telecommunications failure, a signal will still be sent to the ARC.

CCTV Remote Monitoring Remote monitoring through CCTV technology provides an effective method of monitoring a site reducing the need for permanent manned guarding. From the ARC, our operators can observe activity that might be taking place on site. CCTV remote monitoring provides perimeter protection as well as visual verification.

Audio and Visual Verification Our alarm verification technology provides vital information for the police in the event of an intrusion. We provide audio and visual verification which enable our ARC operators to see and hear intruders through cameras and microphones which transmit real-time images or sounds and can track the location of the intruder.

Redcare Monitoring
DualCom Monitoring

Dedicated to Quality
The relevant British Standards provide us with clear guidelines to ensure we undertake the correct the Monitoring for your System.

We take responsibility ensure your system is correctly monitored at all times ensuring your safety and security.

A Trading name of The Security Network Ltd; Company registered in England Number 4511308; VAT Registration Number 803 1522 77
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